A Bicycle Cup Holder Designed with Onshape

IMG_4572-cropAfter doing a short writeup on another publication for this 3D CAD program, I’d been looking for an excuse to do a full design with it. I’ve used Pro Engineer professionally, and have dabbled with a few other CADpackages. Though familiar, with a new CAD program you have to kind of learn where all the buttons are.

After trying it out for a few hours, the design came out well, and, it was great to see my design appear in real life out of my CNC machine. Check out the video below to see my process:

Unlike what those that aren’t familiar with CNC tools may believe, Read more »

More “Pixel Machining” AKA Halftoning Experiments

I first featured an older version of my “Halftoning” or “Pixel-Machining” routine here, then made a pretty successful stencil using this technique.  Lately I’ve been doing some experimentation with varying the diameter of the circle and engraving tiles with it.  See the following video for a time-lapse of me machining a tiger head with a 1 mm endmill.

Besides this tile, I’ve also experimented with some scrap MDF, and have engraved several other tiles after the “Read More.”  Several have been pictures of Err from ATHF, although I did try to do a human portrait with it originally.  This turned out very poorly (I don’t have a picture of it).  Fortunately, Read more »

Small Project Transport Bag Using Scrap Foam

Several of my wooden creations were recently displayed, and I wanted a way to get them in and out of the event without damage.  The wooden plant pots were especially vulnerable as they had dirt in them.

To keep everything upright, I turned to my trusty Zen Toolworks / DIY (my setup) foam cutter.  With this cutter, I made a foam piece to fit the bottom of a pistol range bag (I think this is the model from Amazon) into something that could hold these pieces securely.

I had a roughly 1 inch thick piece of foam left over from a delivery.  The circular pieces I marked with hole saws of a roughly appropriate size and cut it out.  The square base for my dart holder was cut using masking tape as a guide.  Check out the slideshow after the “read more” for more pictures of this build. Read more »