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Maker Faire Display Setup Time-Lapse and Ideas

Saturday, I displayed some projects that are discussed fully in this post.  I thought it would be cool to take a time-lapse of my table being set up using my DIY GoPro mount.  It took less than an hour to get everything going, but I’d done quite a bit of preparation in the days before to make things easier.

As far as the video goes, I really like at the end, when everyone is talking and the light graffiti device and cigar box “creepster” seem to be following right along.

If I met you at the event, I’d invite you to leave a comment on this article to say “hello.”  The event wasn’t crowded the whole time, but seemed to get busy in waves. If I wasn’t able to talk to you in person, sorry about that.  After the “read more,” I’ve put some ideas for having a great display at a Maker event like this, as well as some photos of my booth. Read more »

More Sky Time Lapse Videos

After a really cool propane drum construction time-lapse in the last post, here’s a few more. The first is a time-lapse of the daylight sky with two layers of clouds crossing each other in different directions.  It made for a really cool effect:

After the “read more” are two other time-lapse videos I’ve made.  The first is of a place called “Lake Clinch” in Frostproof, Florida, and the other is a night sky time-lapse video.  I’ve shown the second video before while reviewing the equipment I used, but the first is new to JcoPro. Read more »

Servo Pan-Tilt Assembly and First Use

I’ve been working on something interesting involving a laser, the pyMCU, and this pan-tilt assembly from Servocity.  Here’s the basic assembly in action – certainly an improvement over my “Python-head man” contraption.

The servos are controlled using a pyMCU board, which I’ve been experimenting with quite a bit.  In this trial, I used the code directly from the “Python-head” experiment, which basically just makes a styrofoam “head” nod in different directions.  As for how the pan-tilt assembly goes together (in glorious time-lapse), check out the video below of everything being assembled: Read more »