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More Stop Motion Animation – Crush Stuff!

Here’s another experiment with stop motion animation:

Jason Underwood of Broken Bulb Comedy did most of the acting for this project, although I stepped in for one scene.  The process is explained pretty well in this post (plus there’s some other videos there), but Read more »

How to Make a Stop-Motion Video in Ubuntu Linux

This would also apply to time-lapse videos.  As I use Ubuntu now, my stop-motion technique of creating animated GIFs in GIMP, then importing them into Windows Movie Maker is no longer an option.  This feature doesn’t seem to exist in Windows 7 either, so a new solution had to be found.  Here’s a stop-motion video of me trying to tie a monkey’s fist knot using Openshot Video Editor in Ubuntu to combine the shots:

The video is kind of a cross between a stop-motion and time-lapse as I wasn’t using an intervalometer (here’s some from Amazon if you’re wondering what that is) to time the shots.  Combining the photos into a video was done without GIMP.  The photos were imported into Openshot, Read more »

Trigger Your Camera Using Automatic Air Freshener Parts

Per an earlier post, Glade was nice enough to provide a very hackable set of components in their “automatic spray” air freshener.  Once I had the components in hand, an obvious use was for a remote camera trigger.  After some work in the shop, here are the results:

What you see in the above video is an early feasibility test (there’s a better video later), but I eventually got everything mounted securely and put it on a tripod. Read more »