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JCoPro.net CNC “Art” Giveaway

atst-on-wallIf you saw my first post about making an ATST stencil and thought you might want one, I don’t have the first painting anymore.  Fortunately, I made the stencil out of what I now think is blue polycarbonate, (not carbonite!) so it should last for quite a while.  I had a spare canvas and got bored, so there is now another.

Additionally, I’ve been experimenting with using a modified version of my “Pixel Machining,” AKA halftone process to engrave floor tiles.  I’ve got at least two of these around as well that were experiments.  Finally, I’ve got two wooden “ninja stars” that I’m not doing anything with anymore.  They probably need a good home.

err-tile-engravedIf you would like your own Star Wars Chicken Walker painting, “Err” engraved tile, or CNC ninja star, just sign up to receive JcoPro.net updates via email (right side of the page), Twitter, or Youtube, and leave a comment here to let me know you’re interested.  If you already subscribe, just leave a comment.

I’ll randomly select one person, and ask which “prize” is desired.  From there, I’ll select Read more »

ATST Stencil Painting LED-ify… With an Air Freshener

I’m sure you’re confused by the title of this post, but I promise it’ll be explained in this article.  A few months ago I made a stencil painting of an ATST walker from Star Wars that was inspired by some of Marc Cody’s work.  After giving this original to a friend, Marc actually sent me a similar piece of art that he’d himself made (long story).  After having it for a few months, I decided to add some extra lighting to it!

Those that have been reading this blog, may remember that I’ve made lots of stuff with air freshers (Camera trigger, weird useless box thing, Limpy the robot to name a few).  The circuit for this freshener powers a motor in one direction for a second or so, then powers it in the other direction, reversing the polarity of the leads, commonly referred to as a “H-bridge circuit.”  Given that LEDs can only be powered one way, it occurred to me that this could be used to sequence two sets of them.  One set would trigger when the motor was meant to spin one way, the other set when it would reverse.  Since the automatic spray models have a passive infrared (PIR) sensor on them, this could allow me to light up something when a person walked by, much like Read more »

Making an AT-ST Stencil with a CNC machine

First of all I have no association with Lucasfilm or Star Wars.  This painting would, I believe, constitute fair use since it is somewhat of a parody and shouldn’t affect the market for the copyrighted work.  The video below shows the machining of an AT-ST acrylic stencil and the resulting spray painted canvas.

The path for this AT-ST walker stencil was generated using Inkscape using a process (explained here) similar to how I have generated logos for several hard drive platter clocks.  While for the logos outlines were engraved, for the AT-ST outlines were treated as the point where black ended and white began.  In other words, the outlines would still be “engraved”, but this was done deep enough to cut out the stencil.

Somewhat as a side effect Read more »