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How to Modify a Servo for Continuous Rotation

modify a servo for continuous rotation

As part of my voice panning fixture—which I’ve been working on and hope to show off a completed version very soon—I had to modify a hobby servo for continuous rotation. This is not a new technique, but it’s something I’ve been putting off learning how to do for quite some time. I was surprised at how simple it was, and after modifying the servo I had for the project, bought another model and made a video of the process.

As seen in the video, doing this mod involved taking out the potentiometer and replacing it with two resistors, basically tricking it into thinking it still needs to move to reach its position. Also, you have to cut out a piece of one of the gears that physically interferes with it moving 360 degrees. Somehow I lost the video where I used a Dremel on it, but at least I had the part where I finished in with a file.

Wired Potentiometer

The first servo that I modded had wires going to the potentiometer, rather than it being attached directly. As seen in the gallery below, Read more »

December Servocity Giveaway

The part that attached the blue servos

The part that attached the blue servos

While cleaning out my garage, I realized I had a Sub-Micro Pan & Tilt assembly from Servocity.com that I hadn’t used.  As cool as it looks, I’m going to be very busy in the near future, so maybe some readers of JCoPro.net could use it.  So I’m giving one of these pan-tilt mounting packages away to someone that comments on this post.

Please note, this is only the mounting to attach everything, and doesn’t include the little servos themselves.  If you’re wondering why you would want one, check out the video after the “read more” link for a video of one in action.

So if you want a chance at receiving one, leave a comment below saying that you’d like to enter the contest and how you follow this blog.  Then, if you don’t already, follow on Twitter, Youtube, or via email by checking to receive blog updates when they come out (you’ll also need to verify when you get a confirmation email).

I’ll decide a winner out of people that have signed up by midnight on December 31st and let you know via the email you left on your comment. Read more »

Introducing The Cigar Box Creepster

Something you may have seen previewed on my Youtube page was this “automated cigar box” that I haven’t quite figured out a good name for.  Several interesting names, such as the “CopBox,” “RedVSBlue,” and “Red Chomper” have been suggested, but if you feel you have a better name, be sure to let me know in the comments.

Even though I say “red” and “blue” at first to cause it to open, what really drives this device Read more »