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pyMCU + Servos and Foam = Python Head Man!

python-head-onWhat do you get when you cross the glowing LED box with a RC helicopter and the pyMCU microcontroller?  A Python controlled glowing head of course!

This “Python Head Man” is capable of looking up and down in two directions, and lighting up “eyes” and a “mouth.”  This is possibly better explained in the video below.  The ‘bot uses the two servos originally meant to adjust the rc helicopter blades that this frame had on it.  I originally wrote about controlling these servos here, but this setup also has two sets of LEDS that can be independently switched on and off.  Control of the ‘bot is also enhanced with a simple GUI using the Tkinter Python library.  Diffusion of these LEDs is done with a foam cube, similar to the “Solar LED cube” that I made a few months ago.

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