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Poll: What Microcontroller Boards Do You Use?

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These microcontroller packages and/or processors are all hobby-level items, so I didn’t include Read more »

Glowing Automatic Light Graffiti

As fun as light graffiti is, it doesn’t necessarily translate to something you can show people in real life.  Fortunately, after a conversation with Susan at the Greenville Makers Group, an idea was hatched to use a “Glow Crazy” toy’s surface to show what I was drawing for longer than, say, a wall would.  Check out the video below to see what I mean:

booth-glow-crazyI designed the “servo light graffiti device a while ago, and Most of the details on this build can be found here, as well as some later changes that made the pixels into “X”s.  Nothing has really changed for the show besides a neat background, and a bin to keep some of the light away.

Unfortunately, it was still pretty bright where my table was located, so only a few “pixels” could be seen at a time.  The video in this post is Read more »

Free pyMCU Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Patrick Gibson on winning the “free pyMCU” contest!*

Richard will be sending the winner one shortly, and if you come up with any cool projects with it, I would love to see it!

In case you’re wondering how I selected the winners, I used a simple Python script (naturally) putting everyone in a list then randomizing it.  Sure, it’s only pseudo-random, but hopefully it’s good enough for readers of this blog.  If I was really good, I’d figure out a way to scrape the comments, but handling the “subscription bonus” would have made it even tougher.

Contest Python Script: Read more »