More Stop Motion Animation – Crush Stuff!

Here’s another experiment with stop motion animation:

Jason Underwood of Broken Bulb Comedy did most of the acting for this project, although I stepped in for one scene.  The process is explained pretty well in this post (plus there’s some other videos there), but Read more »

More Sky Time Lapse Videos

After a really cool propane drum construction time-lapse in the last post, here’s a few more. The first is a time-lapse of the daylight sky with two layers of clouds crossing each other in different directions.  It made for a really cool effect:

After the “read more” are two other time-lapse videos I’ve made.  The first is of a place called “Lake Clinch” in Frostproof, Florida, and the other is a night sky time-lapse video.  I’ve shown the second video before while reviewing the equipment I used, but the first is new to JcoPro. Read more »

CNC Light Painting: Some Refinements

CNC light painting red stick man no remote shutter

Smaller LED and cutoff added here, but no taped sides or remote trigger yet.

There were some cool light painting effects in the last post, but to truly do any sort of “presentable” light painting, a few things had to change.

To begin with, with the small canvas that I was working with (approximately 2″ x 10″), the light source needed to be smaller.  This was accomplished by using a 2 color LED by itself instead of the flashlight.  As an added bonus, being two colors allowed it to switch colors mid-stroke if needed.  I don’t have this hooked up to switch yet, but it could be a neat effect.

The second thing that would need to change was Read more »