A Motorized Geneva Drive

Recently I built a Geneva drive model that could be hand cranked.  Obviously this would be better with a motor, so one was added.  I had a gear reduced motor that was originally slated for what became a “radial engine model”, which worked well to drive the assembly.  I also remade the Maltese cross and the plate that everything sat on with my CNC router.  Things worked a bit better this time, but the drive is by no means a refined product.

The following is a video of the drive’s development so far.  You may recognize the ending segment from my EL lights review.  Not sure where I got the idea for the flashing EL lights, but it seemed as good a way as any to try them out.

One thing that is a challenge with motorizing something like this that is made out of MDF (medium density fiberboard – think a more ground-up and uniform particle board), is that using a set screw isn’t as easy as with more robust materials.

The solution came during a rare visit to Walmart, where I Read more »