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Little-known AutoCAD Tricks

confused by AutoCAD trickAutoCAD may not be the newest piece of drafting software on the block (I’ve heard it referred to as “advanced paint”*), but there are many companies still using it.  I no longer use AutoCAD at my place of employment, but somewhere or other I picked up these little-known techniques that seem to have no practical use besides playing tricks on people.  It should be noted that most of these ideas will work with Draftsight – basically a free version of AutoCAD (see my review of Draftsight).

1 – Turn “Snap” on – Just hit “F9” and the cursor will start to jump from point to point.  Annoying, but easy to figure out.  May actually have some practical use (and more well-known than the others).

2 – Mbuttonpan – Type this command in to set whether or not the middle mouse button causes the screen to pan around.  Type “0” – off – after you enter the command, and you’ll have a situation that will very much annoy your colleague that left his or her computer unlocked.

ATHF Err Mosiaic Mooninite

He got busted man!

3 – Zoomfactor – Type this in and it will give you a dialog box asking what the zoomfactor is.  It should be 60 by default.  Set it as low as you can (1 doesn’t work) and you’ll have a similar effect to the “mbuttonpan” command.

4 – Bury hidden messages – AutoCAD allows you Read more »