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More Stop Motion Animation – Crush Stuff!

Here’s another experiment with stop motion animation:

Jason Underwood of Broken Bulb Comedy did most of the acting for this project, although I stepped in for one scene.  The process is explained pretty well in this post (plus there’s some other videos there), but Read more »

“Birth of a PVC Man” Full Video and How this Stop Motion Animation was Made

As briefly previewed with my other Stop Motion Projects, here’s a full Youtube format video of PVC Man coming to life:

This took a bit longer than I wanted to get processed because apparently Ubuntu Linux doesn’t handle this conversion from an animated GIF file to actual video quite as seamlessly as Windows XP does (I’m sure there is a way, but I haven’t found it yet).  Apparently Windows 7 doesn’t natively support this either, so I’m glad I still have an XP machine running my CNC router.

As for how the video was made, it’s similar to my other Stop Motion projects.  Things have been gradually upgraded along the way.  The first few were made with my Env2 dumb-phone (see the mount I made for it), and soon thereafter I upgraded to my 7 year old Casio Exilim camera.  With this though, I’ve finally come into the modern age using a Canon T2i with an infrared remote trigger that allows me Read more »

Stop Motion with GIMP, A Milling Machine, and an Env2

Here’s the results of quite a bit of work; I’ll explain how it was done and show my first video using stop motion animation after the break.

Jason Underwood, who has his own podcast, collaborated on this video after grilling some hot dogs.  The pictures for this were shot in 640 x 480 resolution which avoided some conversion hassles.  “More mustard!” – Jason

Read more »