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Roku Player VS HTPC

In previous articles I’ve both talked about my HTPC setup and how I mounted a Roku LT player on another TV.  The following is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each streaming device.  If you’re considering “cutting the cord” as I did, you may find this useful.

PC vs Roku LT info pictureIn the same order as the above comparison table, here’s a breakdown of what I like and dislike about both:

  • Upfront Cost – In this department the Roku LT has a definite advantage.  One will most likely spend $300 + on a new HTPC, while the Roku LT comes in at a paltry $49.99.  Advantage: Roku
  • Monthly Cost – Although there is no fee associated with the Roku directly, if you want to watch almost anything worthwhile, you have to pay for it.  Standard Hulu as well as ESPN3 are available on your computer without cost, even if you probably want to get Netflix and/or Hulu Plus anyway.  Advantage: HTPC
  • Size – There’s really no comparison here.  The Roku player at 3.3 x 3.3 x .9 inches is tiny.  Even the smallest PCs are much bigger.  Advantage: Roku
  • Interface – This is a tough call.  On the one hand, Read more »

Upgrading to a new Media Center PC – Part 3, The Setup

Here’s the specs and comparison of my old and new HTPC.  After this I’ll list the rest of my setup.

new htpc vs old htpc

Old HTPC: Compac Presario model SR1834NX (full specs).  This computer had an AMD athalon 64 Processor and an aftermarket video card.

New HTPC: Acer model AX1420G-U5832.  This computer features an AMD Athalon II x4 quad core processor running at 3.1 GHz.  It also has a 1terabyte HDD and 4 Gigs of RAM.

Comparison: With a fresh Windows XP install and aftemarket video card, the original Compac PC performed well considering it’s age (over five years old).  However, Read more »

Upgrading to a new Media Center PC – Part 2, The Swap

As mentioned in the previous post, there are many reasons for getting a HTPC.  Mine was outdated, so this is how the upgrade went.  It was supprisingly easy actually.

The first step was removing the old PC.  This wasn’t too hard, but it always takes a leap of faith to pull the cords out of your equipment as the new equipment is unknown.

dusty compac pc

The old Compac PC

After unhooking the power cord, HDMI port, and VGA cord, sliding it out from in back of my subwoofer (a great hiding place) was fairly easy. Unfortunatly, dust builds up fairly quickly back there, so a good cleaning of all the cords, the PC itself, and the area surrounding it was in order.  I used some anti-allergen spray as well for good measure.

Anti-alergen spray is probably a good idea when changing HTPCs

Anti-alergen spray is probably a good idea when changing HTPCs

Once clean, the little Acer PC slid into the open space quite easily.  The power and VGA cables were never removed from the TV or power socket, simply plugged right into the new PC.  The new PC didn’t have an HDMI port (used for audio on the previous PC – had some issues getting it to fill the entire screen), so an RCA cable had to be used to go out of the line out jack to audio input to my receiver.  One of these was readily available, so it wasn’t an issue.

From the time I started to the time I could see a picture on the screen from the new Acer computer was probably Read more »