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Attach Sandpaper to a Dremel Tool

dremel-sandpaperIn preparation for a big project I’ll hopefully be able to post on later, I needed a way to deburr and take out a small amount of material from the inside of a wood hole.  My first idea was to use a Dremel Tool (around $50 on Amazon) with sandpaper loosely attached.

I needed to actually widen the hole, so it didn’t work that well for this purpose.  On the other hand, if one simply needed to deburr a hole, I think this could work quite well.

How to do this (and the results) are illustrated in the video after the “read more” link.  Basically, it was Read more »

New Favorite CNC Router Dremel Bit

dremel 1/4 router bitAfter cutting with a long 1/8 inch cutter, then moving on to a 5/16 inch cutter as a sort of flycutter, I found another but that worked very well in most situations.  It’s the Dremel 654 bit (available from Amazon).  This bit is much shorter than the standard 1/8 inch router bit that both Dremel and Zen Toolworks sells, which gives it much higher resistance to bending when cutting material.  Also, the cutting surface is wider, but not quite as large as the 5/16 inch bit (here’s my write-up on using that cutter if you’re interested).

I think the 1/4 inch bit is supposed to cut a bit better than the 5/16 inch bit when doing a plunge-type cut as well.  After looking around, I also noticed this Mini Router Bits Set, or this nearly identical set on Amazon.  I haven’t used either, but Read more »

What is the Best “Dremel Tool” Spindle for your CNC Router?

dremel 200 vs dremel 4000

The Dremel 200 beside the Dremel 4000

When I first built my CNC router from a kit, I used a Dremel 200 with my Zen Toolworks machine.  Although it worked acceptably, sometimes I need to use a Dremel outside of CNC machining.  I had a gift certificate to Home Depot and decided that an upgrade was in order.  After doing some research and trials, there are some other rotary tool options that I thought I’d include here as well:

Comparing the different models that I’ve tried or looked at, here’s what I’ve come up with in no particular order:

Chicago Electric Rotary Tool – At $10.49 from Harbor Freight Tools it’s hard to not at least be curious about this little guy.  It runs at 16,000 RPM and draws .7 Amps of current at 120 volts, so it’s not as powerful as any of the Dremel models listed.  It seems to have no speed adjustment either.  It is insanely cheap though, and comes with quite a few accessories.  It has been used in a CNC router before, so apparently it’s up to the job in at least some capacity.

Dremel 200 beside Dremel 3000

The Dremel 200 beside Dremel 3000

Dremel 200Available from Amazon
Most basic Dremel tool (that I’ve sen at least).  Two speeds, low, and high, or three if you count “off.”  Extremely loud in the high setting and not quiet on the low setting.  It’s done the job for me for a couple months now.  Motor is sized at 1.2 amps and it comes with a 3 year warranty.  See how I mounted my 200 here.

Dremel 300/3000 – also available from Amazon These tools spec-wise look nearly identical.  Both have a 1.2 amp motor (the 300 claims 1.15) and have similar speeds 5000 on the low end and 32000 RPM as a top speed for the 3000 and 35000 RPM as the top speed on the 300.  The 3000 does have a claimed better fan and a nose-cap wrench.  Both have a 4 year warranty.

After briefly checking out the 3000, it seemed quieter than the Dremel 200, but I didn’t have a 300 to compare it to.  Ultimately, it didn’t seem like much of an upgrade over the Dremel 200, so I returned it for Read more »