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Download and Install Draftsight on Ubuntu Linux

no-ubuntu-draftsightAs described in a previous post, Draftsight is available for Linux.  Unfortunately, after needing to install it on another drive, it currently only seems to be available for Fedora, Suse, or Mandriva on their download page.  Fortunately, I still had the .deb file for Ubuntu stored, so was able to put it on my new SSD*.

Edit 2/9/3013: Dratsight Ubuntu is available directly from Dassault directly via this link.  Apparently they have some broken scripts on their page. Thx trycatch1 (via reddit)!

I’m not sure why it’s currently not available directly from Dassault, but (See above).  If necessary, here is a copy of the .deb Ubuntu installation file from Dropbox or your use.  I installed it by Read more »

A CNC-Made 3D Topo Map

3d-topo-map-side-view-fullTopo maps are great for figuring out how the elevation changes in certain geographic areas, however, they may be difficult for some (most?) to visualize.  I recently had an idea that if you could get a topo map in a vector graphics format (.svg), this could easily be converted into tool paths to make a 3D topo map with my CNC router.  Each step could then be scaled depending on the elevation change and a realistic model of an area could then be cut in three dimensions.

The first topo map that I found on Wikimedia was of Ross Island off of Antartica.  It’s a relatively small island, but is the 6th tallest in the world, giving it some interesting topography.  I used a combination of “profile” and “pocket” commands to achieve the effect I wanted.  In the end “pocket” was used much too liberally, causing this operation to take FOREVER (like 5 hours or so).  Fortunately, Read more »