MAME using an encoder

Wireless keyboard used for mame.  Only internals shown.

Ripping out the wireless encoder

After a marginally successful attempt at building a “wireless MAME” device using an old keyboard, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and simply buy an encoder.  Although the original setup did work as a wireless controller for very simple games like Pacman and Galaga, any more than 6 buttons (including four for the joystick) seemed to be beyond the capabilities of my controller (at least how I had it set up).

my MAME setup playing SFII

Finally finished and usable with an encoder

A quick search for MAME encoder reveals quite a few sources of encoders to substitute for your hacked-up keyboard.  I finally settled on “Groovy Game Gear’s” GP-Wiz40 encoder because you could buy it prewired for your buttons with spade connectors (no solder required).  Also, it has rotary encoder support which may be useful at some point in the future.  I bought wiring for up to 30 switches Read more »

Very simple cornhole toss construction project

finished cornhole toss board with bagsSo being Christmas time, I heard that someone close to me wanted a cornhole toss game.  This person thought that I could easily build one in my constantly-expanding shop, and casually mentioned to me that it might make a nice present.  Not being one to turn down a challenge (at least not a mechanical one) I decided I was going to make a set.  Looking around on the internet, I didn’t find any very complete plans that were simple to make, so I made my own instructions.  Here they are in a step-by-step format.  Also, if you’re looking for a tailgate game and are truly lazy or hard-up for cash, you should consider making a ladder toss game instead (really fun too).  Regardless, here are the steps to make your own cornhole toss game.

STEP1: GET YOUR Read more »