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More “Pixel Machining” AKA Halftoning Experiments

I first featured an older version of my “Halftoning” or “Pixel-Machining” routine here, then made a pretty successful stencil using this technique.  Lately I’ve been doing some experimentation with varying the diameter of the circle and engraving tiles with it.  See the following video for a time-lapse of me machining a tiger head with a 1 mm endmill.

Besides this tile, I’ve also experimented with some scrap MDF, and have engraved several other tiles after the “Read More.”  Several have been pictures of Err from ATHF, although I did try to do a human portrait with it originally.  This turned out very poorly (I don’t have a picture of it).  Fortunately, Read more »

JCoPro.net CNC “Art” Giveaway

atst-on-wallIf you saw my first post about making an ATST stencil and thought you might want one, I don’t have the first painting anymore.  Fortunately, I made the stencil out of what I now think is blue polycarbonate, (not carbonite!) so it should last for quite a while.  I had a spare canvas and got bored, so there is now another.

Additionally, I’ve been experimenting with using a modified version of my “Pixel Machining,” AKA halftone process to engrave floor tiles.  I’ve got at least two of these around as well that were experiments.  Finally, I’ve got two wooden “ninja stars” that I’m not doing anything with anymore.  They probably need a good home.

err-tile-engravedIf you would like your own Star Wars Chicken Walker painting, “Err” engraved tile, or CNC ninja star, just sign up to receive JcoPro.net updates via email (right side of the page), Twitter, or Youtube, and leave a comment here to let me know you’re interested.  If you already subscribe, just leave a comment.

I’ll randomly select one person, and ask which “prize” is desired.  From there, I’ll select Read more »

Mini-Clamps for CNC Router Workholding

rockler-mini-deluxe-clampsI’ve used Rockler clamps to hold down my CNC router workpieces for quite some time, (see my original setup/howto) but recently discovered that there is a miniature version of these clamps available.

Below are links to what you’ll need for this setup from Amazon – Rockler throws in free shipping on orders over $25 there, possibly on their site as well, not sure.  If you want to set up a clamp table as I did, I’d recommend getting some combination of the following:

These were used on a 7×12 Zen Toolworks router, which can also be purchased off of Amazon.  My model is a bit older, and doesn’t have the taller “3D” gantry – I’ve written a ton about it and projects done with it in my CNC section.

If money was no object, Read more »