Capacitor Safety for Cameras

Capacitors are fairly common components when it comes to modifying/breaking electrical components.  However, they can be quite dangerous.  According to “repairfaq.org“,

“While accidental contact with capacitors on a 3.3 V logic board isn’t going to result in a shocking experience, this is not true of many common types of equipment including TVs, computer and other monitors, microwave ovens; the switchmode power supplies in some VCRs, laptop computers, camcorder battery chargers; electronic flash and other xenon strobes; laser power supplies, and many other consumer and industrial devices.”

camera partially disassmebled

Disassembled ==> Could be bad...

Most people familiar with electronics should know to be careful around TVs, but what many people wouldn’t think about is the smaller things, especially electronic flash devices.  Quite a bit of power is required to use a flash, and as such, quite a bit is stored in a camera’s capacitor.

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