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New Time-Lapse Photography Equipment Reviewed

If you’ve been following this blog, you might have noticed that I’ve done a few time-lapse videos recently.  After doing some shopping on Amazon, I purchased a new tripod and an intervalometer (picture timer) for my Canon DSLR.  I also got another webcam (which can be a really cost-effective time-lapse setup).  Below is one of my first videos using the tripod and timer:

I’m quite pleased with these results, but read on to see my full initial thoughts on each of these accessories:

Ravelli 61 inch Tripod: At under $20 from Amazon, Read more »

Review and Use of the Mini DVR Keychain Camera

The Mini DVR Keychain Camera, available from Amazon is literally a keychain-sized camera that is also incredibly cheap at just over $10 with shipping at the time of this writing.  That being said, it’s not the greatest quality camera in the world, and the instructions that come with it could use some translation.  Also, it doesn’t come with a micro-SD card, which you will need to use it.

So like most things you get what you pay for.  For most people, the camera on their phone would be a better option than this one, however, if you’d like something cheap that you can take apart and turn into a time-lapse rig or something, it might be worth a look.  I actually took this apart, as can be seen in some of the pictures and put it together again.  It took a little work, but it did actually work after this even though I had cracked one of the assembly snaps.

To take this little camera apart, I clipped off the keychain and unscrewed the two little screws (here’s a review of the driver that I used).  I then just pulled it apart, breaking Read more »

Light Painting With Fire!

fire in a circle light painting long exposureLight painting, although sometimes meticulously planned, can apparently happen spontaneously.  When recently grilling out and making s’mores (smores?), inspiration seems to have struck, and I was able to photograph some of my friends waving flaming palm fronds around using a long exposure with my DSLR camera, which made for some great light-painting photographs.

Check out the gallery after the “read more” thing below to see the results.  What’s seen to the right is a long exposure of a palm frond being waved around, but we tried dropping charcoal, running around with it, and even photographing a lighter! Read more »