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CNC Light Painting: Some Refinements

CNC light painting red stick man no remote shutter

Smaller LED and cutoff added here, but no taped sides or remote trigger yet.

There were some cool light painting effects in the last post, but to truly do any sort of “presentable” light painting, a few things had to change.

To begin with, with the small canvas that I was working with (approximately 2″ x 10″), the light source needed to be smaller.  This was accomplished by using a 2 color LED by itself instead of the flashlight.  As an added bonus, being two colors allowed it to switch colors mid-stroke if needed.  I don’t have this hooked up to switch yet, but it could be a neat effect.

The second thing that would need to change was Read more »

CNC Light Painting: First Attempt

backwards "J" light paintingAfter buying a Canon T2i camera a few months ago, I’ve been really excited to play around with different exposure settings and possibly some time-lapse photography.  The first trick that I’ve tried is something called “light painting.”  How this works is that your camera is held still and a light is moved around with the shutter open.  With the lens open it captures this light wherever it moves in the frame.  Alternatively, the camera can be moved around a light.

The photo to the right was made by moving the camera, but my idea was do light painting by moving the light.  As with making stencils for a bleach t-shirt, I don’t necessarily feel I have that much artistic skill, but I do own something that allows me to fake it, my CNC router.  The idea that I had was to attach a light to the X and Z axis and allow it to either be controlled manually or run a Gcode program Read more »

Swap the Y and Z Axes on a CNC router with Mach3

reverse Y and Z axes in Mach3For an upcoming project I needed to swap the Y and Z Axes on my CNC router.  There are two ways to accomplish this.

The first way is to go into the text editor on your Gcode after your CAM software generates it and do a “replace” command.  Replace Y with Z and vice versa.  Since you’re replacing one with the other, you’ll have to first replace Y or Z with another letter (like A or B) so you don’t end up with two Y’s or Z’s.  Replace this interim letter or symbol again with the actual letter you want (See this ZTW forum discussion).

The second, and best IMO, way to do this would be to swap the axes in your control software, Mach3 in this case.  In Mach3, just Read more »