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Swap the Y and Z Axes on a CNC router with Mach3

reverse Y and Z axes in Mach3For an upcoming project I needed to swap the Y and Z Axes on my CNC router.  There are two ways to accomplish this.

The first way is to go into the text editor on your Gcode after your CAM software generates it and do a “replace” command.  Replace Y with Z and vice versa.  Since you’re replacing one with the other, you’ll have to first replace Y or Z with another letter (like A or B) so you don’t end up with two Y’s or Z’s.  Replace this interim letter or symbol again with the actual letter you want (See this ZTW forum discussion).

The second, and best IMO, way to do this would be to swap the axes in your control software, Mach3 in this case.  In Mach3, just Read more »

Ultimate LED Nerd Glasses: Part 3 – Mechanical and PCB Construction

Wnerd glasses with LEDs on it with no tapehen building something like this, the first question I ask myself is “how can I avoid making the wires into a rat’s nest?”  OK, maybe that’s not true if you look back at such projects as the Pegleg Hexapod or Boxie the Creepster.  However, this was a wearable hack and has a very limited space to work with, so wires going everywhere on one’s forehead wasn’t really what I had in mind.

Instead of wires running everywhere, I decided to make my own CNC-routed PCB.  What it amounts to is three separate lines of copper cut to approximately fit the bridge section of the glases in question.  I measured everything and used Draftsight (see my Windows DS review) to draw the approximate shape with lines separating it into three isolated sections.  The middle will act as ground and the top and bottom section act as the positive for each set of LEDs.  It turned out better than I expected, and is mostly covered by the glasses.

From Amazon: Nerd Glasses Buddy Wayfarer Black Frame Clear Lens

I have no idea what brand or make the glasses that I used were, but I’ve listed a link above to some that are similarly styled from Amazon.  I’ve also listed Read more »

CNC Router Cut CD Ninja Stars (Including GCode and CAD files)!

cd ninja star and "shuriken"Behold, the CNC cut CD ninja star!  At one point I believed I had invented the CD ninja star, but a quick search of Google proved me very wrong.  As far as I can tell though, this is the first one that is cut with a CNC router, so maybe that’s something.

The picture to the right is, unfortunately, a result of placement, not the actual star sticking in the dartboard after a throw.  Not that this wasn’t attempted.  The shuriken in the upper left was a result of one of the points breaking off.

Not the sturdiest weapon in the world.  After cutting off another point to make it symmetric, it’s flight is still impressive if incredibly random.  I tested it out in the house (not recommended) where it arced around a wall nearly poking my wife in the eye.

Cutting was done with an engraving bit from ZTW at a depth of cut of .010″ per pass.  I didn’t offset anything, but just drew it and cut as an engraving.  The CD was fixtured the same way as the last HDD clock that I did, but one difference was that the zero of the X and Y axes were on the edges (shown by the green and red lines in the CAMBam picture after the break), not the center.  This allowed me to line everything up based on an edge instead of estimating the center of it.

It seems that things cut much better if Read more »