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Disassembly of a Broken Sub-$50 Android Tablet

ChromoI recently purchased a “Chromo” Android tablet for another project for less than $50 on Amazon. I was pretty excited when it arrived as it was nicely packaged, and looked like it could be useful for at least displaying saved videos for my son on car trips.

Besides, according to the description, it’s supposed to sell for $169.99 – a huge savings!

Initial Problems

When I initially turned this unit on, a program called “speed booster” or something similar popped up. Stupidly, I allowed it to activate, and it immediately asked for a huge amount of permissions. Not wanting my information sent directly to China (or wherever) I deactivated it (I think).

I then went on to install music streaming software that I needed, which sort of booted up, but never worked quite correctly. Even browsing web pages was painfully slow. I set it aside until I had an idea to use it as a viewer for my GoPro cameras (my current favorite – Hero4 Session on Amazon).

More Problems (and More Fun)

Unfortunately, when I tried to install the GoPro software, the screen made a strange noise with strange colors. After cycling the power, as seen below, it still did the same thing. Kind of interesting, though this tablet was now pretty much useless unless I wanted to use it as some sort of Cyberpunk prop:


On the other hand, it’s usually interesting Read more »

Metal Bed Frame Child Protector from Scraps

2015-11-08 19.04.08

If you have a bed, most likely it has some sort of frame that it sits on. Why society has decided this is the right way to do things, rather than simply putting mattresses on the floor is anyone’s guess (or a simple search I’m sure). My guess is that it’s to deter bugs or other pests from crawling into bed with you.

Our bed sits on a metal frame that formerly had plastic covers on it to protect the sharp edges. At some point one of these covers fell off and was forgotten about until a toddler (AKA, my son) started bouncing around in our house. Although covered by a useless invention called a “dust ruffle,” it seemed like something he would eventually run into if not child-proofed.

So, using my new SKIL bandsaw (Amazon) (so useful for little stuff – it really should have been one of my first tools) I cut up a plastic container, melted it with a propane torch, and attached it to the bed with a zip-tie after poking a hole in it with my Leatherman knife. Pretty simple, but I’m generally happy with the results. Check out the slideshow below to see how it was made: Read more »

The DIY Fabnik Wallet Kit


After a short interview for a article, they guys at Fabnik offered to send me one of their wallets to try out. Not being one to turn down free stuff, and realizing that my wallet was somewhat worn, I accepted their offer*, choosing their thin wallet kit.

It was fun to make, and turned out nicely, as seen in the picture above. The orange stitching looks nice (for a Clemson grad), although the holes for it were a little tight. I had to use pliers to get the needles through. The Fabnik crew says that they are working on this, and I would suspect that as this design evolves, it will get even better!

I documented my build in the time lapse and have a few more comments on it after the “read more” link, so be sure to read on for more! Read more »