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How to Make Wooden Balls

wooden ball

Not quite a sphere, but getting there…

A week or so ago I saw this video about making wooden balls without (advanced) tools.  Apparently the video said that it was possible (I didn’t watch the whole thing), but I decided to try scraping the wood with a hole saw instead of the custom cut piece of pipe that the video uses.  My original results were quite marginal, as shown below, and my hands were cut up as I hadn’t used gloves originally.  It seems power tools are the way to go with this one.

Unfinished hand technique, 2 balls on left, milling machine method, ball on right

Unfinished hand technique, 2 balls on left, sanded milling machine method, ball on right

I also tried doing this on my milling machine with a hole saw.  My thinking was that if I were to cut less than half way through a piece of wood, and progressively rotate it, the cuts would be like that of a constant-diameter Nautilus shell.  The edges could then be broken off and sanded, making for a perfect(ish) sphere.  This worked better, but sanding everything was quite tiring, and the sphere was never quite what I wanted.  The video below shows the process used:

Fortunately, I saw another ingenious method Read more »

Wooden MTB Handlebar Grips


While building up my single speed bike, one thing that I was missing was new grips for my handlebar.  Although I could have ordered some, there’s not really a local bike shop that is close to me.  Instead, I decided to cut down some blank pieces of wood and make my own.

Build Process

I had blanks left over from some of my lathe projects, and Read more »

Cannondale Single Speed Conversion

I may be several years late to the single speed mountain bike craze, but after biding my time and getting some really good deals on the components that I needed, it was time to build up my single speed bike.

As seen in the video, my first task with this was to strip off everything that wasn’t needed.  This included the shifter assemblies, as well as a lot of random accessories a former owner had added to the bike.  Besides this, it had a really cushy seat which seemed ripe for modification.  I cut the gel padding off of the seat, then sanded it down to reduce some of the “pips” that were sticking up.  It was then spray-painted with a bed liner material (this kind – Amazon).  Unfortunately, I didn’t let it dry for the recommended amount of time so it started to come off.  I’ll probably put another coat on when I get a chance and allow it to dry more thoroughly.

During this build, there were two items that I initially didn’t have: Read more »