2016 Writing Goals and 2015 Results

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As it’s now officially 2016, it’s time to evaluate how I did for 2015, and what my goals are for 2016. First of all, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great 2016! As for me (writing-wise):

My 2015 Results:

Per a previous post about a year ago, my goals for 2015 were fairly simple:

  • 4000 Total Followers on Twitter: As it stands now, I have 1,666 followers on my main account, @JeremySCook, and 941 on my second account, @DIYTripods. 2,601 is a significant increase, but nowhere near what I’d set out to accomplish.
  • 500 Total Followers on Youtube. My main account now stands at 472 subscribers, and my DIYTripods account 11. 483 is close, but still not there.
  • Write for 6 customers, at least 1 of which I have not written for previously. Wired UK,, Make Print, Atmel, Popular Science, Solo Portfolio. That’s 6 if you count the two “Makes” separately. Atmel is a new customer this year, so I will call this a goal a success!

Another Thing that is pretty neat is that as of my last check, this site had 990,906 hits over its lifetime. Unless something crazy happens, I should hit the 1 million mark. Wow.

My 2016 Goals:

I had 3 goals (one with two parts) for 2015, so I’ll stick to three for 2016:

  • 4000 Total Followers on Twitter. Maybe I’ll get this one eventually…
  • Write for 7 Customers, at least 1 of which I haven’t written for before.
  • Double my total writing/advertising earnings for the year. Obviously this doesn’t mean anything to a reader without a starting point, but hopefully I can read this myself next year and see how close I came!

Thanks for reading!

2015 Writing Goals and 2014 Results

My Current Twitter Profile Pic

My Current Twitter Profile Pic


First of all, to everyone that follows this blog or my other projects, thanks for reading!  If you want to drop a comment and say “Hi” or whatever, I’d love to hear from you!  This post is as much for me as anyone else, since it’s good to reflect on my progress, and I can refer back to it later and see if I’m getting anywhere.

2014 Results (Stats as of December 21st)

According to my 2014 Goals, I wanted to have:

250 Email subscribers for here and my other site DIYTripods.  I fell well short of this at 49 followers on JCoPro and 74 on DIYTripods for a total of 123.  To be honest, I haven’t concentrated on this quite as much as I intended to.

1200 Subscribers Between Twitter and Youtube.  This was a different story. currently have 1044 followers on my main handle, and 964 on my @DIYTripods handle.  I’ve put a lot of effort into this, so it seems to have paid off somewhat.  Youtube was also successful with 364 subscribers on my main channel and 10 on my DIYTripods channel that I haven’t really updated in a while.

That gives us a total of 2382, nearly doubling the goal set at the beginning of 2014.  The great thing about Twitter is that since it’s independent of this site, I can promote whatever I’m writing, or just interact with people, which is cool in itself.  If you don’t, I’d invite you to especially follow on @JeremySCook and shoot me a tweet!

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SC Maker Faire 2014 Results

As alluded to before, I showed off my MountainBeest at the Maker Faire in Columbia, SC.  Here’s a video of the results:

It was fun, and I had a good time at the event.  I tried to conserve battery in the morning, but the legs were functional the whole time.  Along with this, I’m happy that nothing shook loose or jammed “catastrophically.”  My GoPro ran out of juice after a few hours, but that’s not too bad since it was transferring video over WiFi.


The components I used from Servocity performed quite well, including the 6 RPM gearmotors that powered each set of legs, the PWM relay to allow them to be controlled, and the servo pan-tilt device that my GoPro was mounted on.  Thanks to them for their sponsorship, helping me to build this ‘Beest without breaking the bank too badly.

I was happy to meet everyone there, and thanks especially to Jay for setting up the event.  For a little broader look at the cool events there, check out my article on Make’s blog about this, or there’s a huge set of photos available here.