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Metal Bed Frame Child Protector from Scraps

2015-11-08 19.04.08

If you have a bed, most likely it has some sort of frame that it sits on. Why society has decided this is the right way to do things, rather than simply putting mattresses on the floor is anyone’s guess (or a simple search I’m sure). My guess is that it’s to deter bugs or other pests from crawling into bed with you.

Our bed sits on a metal frame that formerly had plastic covers on it to protect the sharp edges. At some point one of these covers fell off and was forgotten about until a toddler (AKA, my son) started bouncing around in our house. Although covered by a useless invention called a “dust ruffle,” it seemed like something he would eventually run into if not child-proofed.

So, using my new SKIL bandsaw (Amazon) (so useful for little stuff – it really should have been one of my first tools) I cut up a plastic container, melted it with a propane torch, and attached it to the bed with a zip-tie after poking a hole in it with my Leatherman knife. Pretty simple, but I’m generally happy with the results. Check out the slideshow below to see how it was made: Read more »

StrandMaus Now Fully Walking

After some work with a Dremel tool, my StrandMaus was able to successfully walk without tipping over after a few steps. See below for the proof:

I ended up cutting a fraction of an inch off of each leg. I don’t remember the exact number, but 5/8 of an inch ring a bell. Anyway, I suspect that the problem (as someone suggested) is that the legs are longer than the original Jansen design.

I wasn’t sure how this happened, since I based the linkage design on his numbers. After considering it though, I believe I put the nodes where each linkage was supposed to end where the holes are (as pictured below). I offset the original lines to allow for the holes, leading to a longer final linkage and thus my problems.


Or so I would assume. Check out the second video below for a slideshow of how this ‘Maus was put together:

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The StrandMaus 8-Legged Jansen Walker


If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you’ve undoubtedly seen my work on Strandbeest-style walkers, including this one with four legs, and this one with eight. Unfortunately, none of these ‘Beests have actually walked…until now!

The Strandmaus is a derivation of the 8-legged walker, but scaled down. Way down. The idea was to make it small enough to be made on my Zen Toolworks 7×12″ CNC router. I also made it so that that rods powering it were 1/8 inch in diameter. This seemed like a size that would be available, and after a quick search, I came up with this (Amazon).

To power it, I didn’t use wind, like Jansen, but instead used two Servo City gearmotors, which fit perfectly with their 1/8 inch couplings, and were even smaller than I thought they would be.

I wasn’t quite sure how I would set the StrandMaus up for remote control initially, maybe a toy RC car would need to be purchased and sacrificed. One disadvantage would be the weight of the car’s batteries, since cheap models generally are powered by relatively-heavy AA cells. Fortunately, inspiration struck, as I had an Estes 4606 Proto X Quadcopter (Amazon) available with a motor that had burned out (these are really fun, btw). Realizing that Read more »