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Hubsan X4 Versus Estes 4606 Quadcopter

Hubsan X4 Versus Estes 4606 Quadcopter size comparison

I’ll cut to the chase.  I love both of these quadcopters, but for your first ‘quad, I think you’d be better off buying the Hubsan X4.  Read on for more explanation and some videos comparing the two.

Controller – The Estes 4606 Proto X Controller is, in my opinion, the biggest drawback to this little quad.  It’s tough for me to maintain altitude with it, and is just too small for my hands (granted, I’m just shy of 6’4″).  The Hubsan X4’s controller is much better.

The good news is that either controller will bind with either quad, so if you get a Hubsan first, then get a Proto later, things can work out nicely.  The Hubsan transmitter is also available by itself on AmazonCheck out the videos after the “read more” of me binding with both types of controllers, as well as a cool trick with the lights that I don’t think you can do with the off-the-shelf controller.

Cost – The Estes 4606 is cheaper  at just under $30 on Amazon as of this writing, and after examining it, it’s really a marvel of manufacturing simplicity.  The electrical board is the main body, so fewer components have to be used. The Hubsan X4 (H107L) is also available on Amazon for around $15 more, but doesn’t come with Prime shipping as far as I can see.

Hubsan X4 Versus Estes 4606 Quadcopter - stacked on each other

Repairability – The other side to the coin of the Estes model being so well designed for manufacturing is that if you break something, it looks like repairs will be much more difficult.  I’ve crashed and repaired my Hubsan X4 many, many times, so that model would be better for those learning. Read more »

Salt Shaker Robot Windup Toys

salt shaker robot windup toys

I recently “won” these windup salt shaker robots as a white elephant gift over Christmas.  Although the salt shaker’s main gear seems to be slipping (see my repair attempt in the second video), they are some of the coolest toys utensils that I’ve gotten recently.  Here’s a video I made of them in action:

If you want a set of salt and pepper shaker robots for yourself, they’re available on Amazon for around $15.  Not exactly cheap, but where else can you get quality wind-up robots straight from the UK?  If you’re looking for a gift for an engineer, these would probably make him or her quite happy.  They’re “made from food grade plastic” according to the description, which, being a food implement, is probably a good thing.

As mentioned, the salt ‘bot seemed to not wind up as well as it should, so I took it apart to see Read more »

2015 Writing Goals and 2014 Results

My Current Twitter Profile Pic

My Current Twitter Profile Pic


First of all, to everyone that follows this blog or my other projects, thanks for reading!  If you want to drop a comment and say “Hi” or whatever, I’d love to hear from you!  This post is as much for me as anyone else, since it’s good to reflect on my progress, and I can refer back to it later and see if I’m getting anywhere.

2014 Results (Stats as of December 21st)

According to my 2014 Goals, I wanted to have:

250 Email subscribers for here and my other site DIYTripods.  I fell well short of this at 49 followers on JCoPro and 74 on DIYTripods for a total of 123.  To be honest, I haven’t concentrated on this quite as much as I intended to.

1200 Subscribers Between Twitter and Youtube.  This was a different story. currently have 1044 followers on my main handle, and 964 on my @DIYTripods handle.  I’ve put a lot of effort into this, so it seems to have paid off somewhat.  Youtube was also successful with 364 subscribers on my main channel and 10 on my DIYTripods channel that I haven’t really updated in a while.

That gives us a total of 2382, nearly doubling the goal set at the beginning of 2014.  The great thing about Twitter is that since it’s independent of this site, I can promote whatever I’m writing, or just interact with people, which is cool in itself.  If you don’t, I’d invite you to especially follow on @JeremySCook and shoot me a tweet!

Other Writing Notables in 2014 Read more »