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“Mid-Year” Blogging Update

So now that it is firmly into August, I thought it’d be a good time to update where the “media empire” is going. As you’ve probably noticed, my posts here have slowed down quite a bit in the last few years, substituted by a lot or writing for other sites (just search “Jeremy S. Cook” to see what comes up, or see my prortfolio here) as well as a renewed focus on YouTube videos.

Regardless of that, as of this writing, has to date received just shy of 1.2 million pageviews, and the Jeremy S. Cook YouTube channel just received both its millionth view, and thousandth subscriber! While I’ve improved both in presentation ability and stats, this is still quite minuscule compared to bigger YouTube channels, so I have a long way to go.

It’s strange how we tend to compare ourselves Read more »

Iso-Path Board Game CNC Build

My latest build, a board game called Iso-path, was invented by another YouTuber called “Pocket83,” which he built using manual tools such as a table saw. As I don’t have the same sort of woodworking skills as “Pocket,” and a general aversion to table saws, I instead constructed one with my CNC router.

There were several challenges with building this, including quite a bit of deburring due to my questionable router setup, and, as seen around 1:40 in the video, I had to undercut the side pieces to allow the round cutting but to accommodate the sharp edges of each hexagon.

Once everything fit together, it was time to color and treat the wood. For the bottom, I left the wood natural, and just used urethane. The smaller hexagons—37 of them—and the four “neutral” sides I stained to set them apart.

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The SpinnerDrone!

Fidget spinners are all the rage right now, and quadcopters, AKA drones, have been popular for some time. Why not combine the two into a flying fidget spinner that I like to call the “Spinner Drone.” The design takes the internal components from Hubsan H107C quadcopter, and mounts them to a new polycarbonate frame, along with a ceramic bearing.

Build Components:

Hubsan H107C Drone [Amazon]
VCB 22mm OD Ceramic Bearing [Amazon]
Clear Polycarbonate frame [Tindie]

As it just so happens, I had designed a new frame for a little Hubsan Drone, but never tested it out. Taking this design as a starting point, I added a hole in the center that should just barely fit the bearing. Once that was done, I sent it to my CNC router, and set up the cutting pattern. My router then obediently cut out the needed shape, and after deburring, I had an awesome little frame.

It was then time to disassemble my Hubsan drone. After detaching the bottom with a screwdriver, I cut the motors out with a Dremel tool. I could have simply unsoldered them and popped them out, but I was going to dispose of the fame anyway, and this seemed easier. I then popped off the propellers, and inserted them into the new motor pods. Some were able to press fit in like the bearing, but others Read more »