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Weaponized PVC Pipe Fail

tripple walled pvc pipe about to fail

No we’re not talking about a double barreled or bolt action potato gun.  They were both cool projects, but I’d consider them successes.

Here’s my experiment on making a tripple-walled piece of PVC pipe that you can, um, smash stuff with.  I put kerf cuts in it as seen here to make it look cool, and so that it doesn’t hurt your wrist if you’re doing a lot of smashing.  At least that was the idea, check out the video to see how it fares against the fearsome ginger ale can! Read more »

Why a Hubsan X4 Should be Your First Quadcopter


Sure, all these parts were somewhat expensive.  Imagine the expense for a full sized quad!

If you’ve ever thought about buying a quadcopter, you might consider a small inexpensive one, like the $50 Hubsan X4.  Besides being incredibly fun, they are incredibly tough, and fairly easy to repair.  The parts you see above are the result of probably 1000+ crashes.  For a larger quad like a DJI Phantom, this many crashes would probably mean a second mortgage.

Along with the little Hubsan X4 quad, you might also consider buying the excellent Crash Pack from Amazon.  It takes a while to come in from the Far East, and maybe by the time you’ve smashed your first quad body and blades to pieces, it’ll be there for you.


Why I don’t see myself becoming a real helicopter pilot any time soon…

On the other hand, they can be repaired using zip ties and glue (see this post).  I included a video I took flying around with the body seen in the lower right on the above photo.  They don’t fly as well after that kind of abuse, but they do fly.

Check out the gallery of damage to my quadcopter taken with a macro lens adapter as well as a video of probably the most beat up Hubsan you’ve ever seen flying after the “read more.” Read more »

Double Up Your PVC Pipe for More Strength and Weight


3/4 inch PVC pipe inside of a 1 inch PVC pipe

So normal PVC isn’t strong enough for you?  Maybe it’s not heavy enough.  If you’ve ever been frustrated by the fact that you can’t quite shove a piece of 3/4 inch PVC pipe into a piece of 1 inch pipe, the video below should give you the solution.  I would guess the same thin would work for 1/2 inch with 3/4 inch pipe as well.

So that might be interesting to some.  The pipe stays put pretty securely, and is actually pretty heavy.  I tapped my wrist with it, and it actually hurt pretty badly…  Which gives me an idea that I’ll probably broach in another post.

If you don’t know what you can do with this, one thing would be to reinforce a camera slider like the one I made here on  Or you could add more weight to the base of a ladder toss set, which I think I’ve seen in build instructions elsewhere.  I guess you would either have to split the outer pipe, or leave a small section unsplit for good attachment.