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Howto Video: TS100 Soldering Iron Storage Case

I love my TS100 soldering iron (Amazon). After you plug it in and press the start button, it heats up to your desired temperature in a few short seconds. It’s extremely compact and portable, however, the box that comes with it requires you to disassemble to iron in order to put it away. I came up with something that I see as a major improvement, in that all you have to do is unplug it and slide it into a very secure and padded piece of PVC material.

Check out my simple build in the video below. It’s extremely tough, and lets you throw it in your toolbag very easily! I also picked up a holder for it here (Amazon), which is honestly a little big for it. On the other hand, it’s an improvement over sticking it wherever I could find space, so I’d recommend getting something similar to go with it, if not that exact one.

The Creativity Podcast with Physics Anonymous

If you haven’t heard, Max Maker and I have been doing an audio publication called The Creativity Podcast: Where Art & Engineering collide. It’s been a lot of fun, and this week we got to interview Mike and Ryan from Physics anonymous.

The podcast was especially fun for me, as I was going to be in Orlando where they both live for a Maker Faire, and did the interview with them live. So be sure to check it out via the link above, or you can find the podcast here on iTunes!

Check out their latest “Pumpkannon” build below:

What is this Device that I’m Working on?

The last poll was quite popular, so why not another about something I’m making in my spare time?  Here’s a couple pictures of the item that will eventually be one of my most awesome projects yet (hopefully)  Click on the “read more” thing to see what the consensus is as to what it will be!

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