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Hi, I’m Jeremy Cook, and this site is about the “amateur engineering” projects that I do in my spare time.  These projects vary from making stuff on my CNC router or manual lathe, to small robotics projects and photographic techniques that I like to experiment with.  If you haven’t yet, you should definitely subscribe via email or your preferred method in the upper-right corner of this page.  You can unsubscribe at any time, and you’ll be able to get every new JcoPro.net post straight to your inbox!

My Background and Education

As for me, I gradated from Clemson University with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2004, and I’ve worked as a manufacturing engineer in the Greenville area of South Carolina since then.  This experience has really taught me a lot about how things are made, and the skills required to make unique items that can be found throughout this site.  Being able to write about the projects that I do in my spare time is really fun for me.  I’ve really enjoyed sharing through this blog what I’ve done with people, so I hope you’ll make it a point to check back, or even drop a comment on any of my posts!

Other Places I write


“JcoPro.NET spelled out with the pyMCU.  Check out this project here.

I apparently like writing so much that In addition to this site, I’m a freelance writer for Make, Popular Science, Wired UK, and formerly Hackaday.com and EETimes.


Although the information on this site is public, I am not a PE so you should definitely use your own judgment and common sense if you choose to use any of this information in your own projects.  In other words, I take no responsibility for what happens if you try something like I’ve described here.  I honestly don’t recommend trying anything I describe.


I check comments quite often, but if you want to email me, it’s jscook55 (at) gmail.com or you can follow me on Twitter @JeremySCook

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  1. I’m a web student based in the Tampa Bay area and I’ve got some pretty extensive experience with the wordpress platform. If you’re ever looking to have this site professionally designed and potentially monetized through the use of advertising or anything like that please let me know. I can work with most budgets and have a final product for you in about 2 weeks.



  2. Hello, I am a 17 year old high school student and I greatly enjoy your blog I was curious as too if you would take some submissions from me I commonly experiment with computers, robots, as well as electronics. currently I am building an Imac robot.


    • Absolutely, let me know what kind of stuff you’d like to submit, and I can put it on here! The Imac robot sounds pretty sweet. Email me at [email protected] if you want to discuss specifics more.

      Btw, is your high school East Lake in Palm Harbor?

  3. hey jcopro!!!!! its me!!!! i said i would check your site out looks good man keep it up 😉

  4. Hi, Jeremy. Love the site. May I share it with our Engineering, mechatronics, and Computer Service Technology students at school? (In other words, is the whole site high school friendly?) I think you are on to something!

  5. good stuff, how about a projects tab where I could browse all projects and click on project name to go directly to it.

  6. Hey jcopro, great blog – keep the projects coming, looking forward to seeing more!

  7. JC,
    Cool projects…keep in touch.

  8. Hi Mr. Cook,

    Just found your page and very impressed with your work. Are you still doing the 8-5 ?

  9. Cool…. I am starting my journey towards being an amateur engineer and showcasing my projects on my website. Was curious to see if you were able to make jcopro.net full time.

    • Good luck – blogging about projects that I do is a fun hobby. I make a tiny bit of money at it, but not nearly enough to live on. Thanks for checking my site out, and I wish you the best with yours!

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