New Twin Bed with 2x4s and Machine Screws!

Normally, the projects that I show off here are entertaining, but perhaps not practical in the normal sense of the word. This project, however, is something that my son needed, and ended up being pretty inexpensive. I think it cost under $100 to build, including rather expensive bolts/inserts that I used to attach the headboard/footboard to the middle. The results are quite sturdy, and will hopefully last until he potentially grows out of it. At least that’s what happened with my bed growing up!

One thing that is unusual about this bed is that I engraved the headboard, including a few robot figures that I came up with and drew up in CAD. You can see the engraving at 3:00 in the video below, and later in the video I mark them with a paint pen and sand off the excess. Overall, I’m quite happy with the results:

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