ClearWalker Walks Again with New Upgrades!

I was recently contacted by a show called the Daily Planet on Discovery Canada about showing off my ClearWalker Strandbeest. Naturally, I was thrilled, but had to: #1 make sure it could still walk, and #2 upgrade something so that they could have a good story about improving the design.

Of course I had several improvements I’d been considering, but had pretty much put this ‘Beest to the side for the time being. Fortunately, the prospect of being on TV provided the motivation I needed to put this into practice. While the Daily Planet spot was excellent, they only show a tiny bit of what went into the upgrade process. Check out the full story in the video seen here:

While I thought I would give this particular type of mechanism a rest after getting it to walk in part 3, it’s obviously hard to tell when a project is actually done. While I will probably move on to a few other projects for a while, new strandbeest designs still float around in my head on occasion. Also, I’ve got a couple of the cheap plastic kits to assemble and/or modify, so I will hopefully get to that eventually!