Assembling a Nixie Tube Clock Kit

If you’ve seen Nixie tubes on videos (or in the GIF above) they look incredible in video, and should be even more interesting in person. After receiving one of these clocks as a Christmas gift, I decided to document the assembly process, partially because the video of it in action just looked so cool!

On the other hand, most of the stuff I make is a unique creation of my own, so hopefully my subscribers will enjoy the build nonetheless. I did modify it to hang on the wall at the end of the video, so there is that.

Also, I should note that I do write blog articles for Tindie, but was not asked or paid to promote this product. I just really love how it looks! Also, I filmed everything in 4K and cut it down as needed, rather than the 1080P I’d been filming at before. Hopefully you notice the difference.

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