“Mid-Year” Blogging Update

So now that it is firmly into August, I thought it’d be a good time to update where the JCoPro.net “media empire” is going. As you’ve probably noticed, my posts here have slowed down quite a bit in the last few years, substituted by a lot or writing for other sites (just search “Jeremy S. Cook” to see what comes up, or see my prortfolio here) as well as a renewed focus on YouTube videos.

Regardless of that, as of this writing, JCoPro.net has to date received just shy of 1.2 million pageviews, and the Jeremy S. Cook YouTube channel just received both its millionth view, and thousandth subscriber! While I’ve improved both in presentation ability and stats, this is still quite minuscule compared to bigger YouTube channels, so I have a long way to go.

It’s strange how we tend to compare ourselves to others, no matter where we are along this type of spectrum. Perhaps no matter how many views or subscribers you get, you always want to take things to the next level. I’m sure that’s healthy in small doses, but best not to get carried away. Either way, as shown on this quarterly subscriber chart, it seems that this focus has been paying dividends.

Note that the last data point it for quarter 3, 2017, which isn’t yet complete. Also interesting is that nearly 200 people decided to unsubscribe, or somehow their account was cancelled. If this is you, I’d like to extend the invitation to come back to the Jeremy S. Cook YouTube family. We have snacks.*

I’ve come up with several builds since then, but here’s what is, in my opinion, my most interesting build to date, the ClearWalker strandbeest:

It’s received over 10,000 views, which puts it among my more popular builds, however, I was hoping it would really go viral, and perhaps get 10 or even 100 times that. That’s OK though, I learn new techniques with each new build and video. Hopefully as my skills continue to build, as well as the number of subscribers to my channel (you can subscribe here), this will slowly begin to multiply like compound interest. If not, the videos give me an excuse to build really fun stuff, so I’ll be happy either way!

And for my other 2017 goals outlined here, I seem to be making good progress on most. I haven’t been mentioned in any non-Internet media that I know of though, so we’ll see if that goal works out.

*Yes, I have snacks, and certainly many subscribers also have them. Can you have one? Probably not.

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