Iso-Path Board Game CNC Build

My latest build, a board game called Iso-path, was invented by another YouTuber called “Pocket83,” which he built using manual tools such as a table saw. As I don’t have the same sort of woodworking skills as “Pocket,” and a general aversion to table saws, I instead constructed one with my CNC router.

There were several challenges with building this, including quite a bit of deburring due to my questionable router setup, and, as seen around 1:40 in the video, I had to undercut the side pieces to allow the round cutting but to accommodate the sharp edges of each hexagon.

Once everything fit together, it was time to color and treat the wood. For the bottom, I left the wood natural, and just used urethane. The smaller hexagons—37 of them—and the four “neutral” sides I stained to set them apart.

It’s funny, I feel like the impression people sometimes get when you’re using an automatic tool like a CNC router or 3D printer is that you just press a button and out pops your part. Sure, this is true if you want something entirely unfinished, but to make it look presentable still takes a lot of work. Not that it doesn’t help, but there was still a lot of staining, sanding, and drying time!

Right piece undercut to allow hexagon to fit tightly inside

In the end of the video, you can see me playing Iso-path against myself. The basic concept of the game is that each player’s turn consists of moving a hexagon, and a marker. Black can only move on the base of the board, while white can only move on a stack of two hexagons. In this poorly-played game, white wins because it’s able to get a piece to black’s starting point. It’s a very interesting concept, and obviously fun for anyone who is a fan of hexagons in general!

OK, perhaps that last bit sounded a bit ridiculous in the video. Anyway, if you’d like to duplicate this with a CNC router, you can find my CAD patterns here. Pocket83’s video can be found here, which gives you much more info about how to build it with manual woodworking tools, as well as the rules of the game. Pocket83 is a really interesting YouTube channel in general, so I’d definitely suggest checking it out.

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