The SpinnerDrone!

Fidget spinners are all the rage right now, and quadcopters, AKA drones, have been popular for some time. Why not combine the two into a flying fidget spinner that I like to call the “Spinner Drone.” The design takes the internal components from Hubsan H107C quadcopter, and mounts them to a new polycarbonate frame, along with a ceramic bearing.

Build Components:

Hubsan H107C Drone [Amazon]
VCB 22mm OD Ceramic Bearing [Amazon]
Clear Polycarbonate frame [Tindie]

As it just so happens, I had designed a new frame for a little Hubsan Drone, but never tested it out. Taking this design as a starting point, I added a hole in the center that should just barely fit the bearing. Once that was done, I sent it to my CNC router, and set up the cutting pattern. My router then obediently cut out the needed shape, and after deburring, I had an awesome little frame.

It was then time to disassemble my Hubsan drone. After detaching the bottom with a screwdriver, I cut the motors out with a Dremel tool. I could have simply unsoldered them and popped them out, but I was going to dispose of the fame anyway, and this seemed easier. I then popped off the propellers, and inserted them into the new motor pods. Some were able to press fit in like the bearing, but others I had to use hot glue on to keep in place.

I popped off some of the motor wires in order to allow them to reach the control board, as it would be offset from the center to allow for the bearing. The board and battery were each zip tied at 90 degrees to their normal orientation, and spinning worked as planned. Once in place, it was time for more soldering, adding the extra wires, as well heat shrink to keep them from shorting against each other. After applying hot glue to two of the motors, it was time to test it out.

This first test was less than successful, and I suspected that the problem was that the control board being mounted at 90 degrees meant it thought the whole quadcopter was on it’s side on takeoff. I remounted the battery, as well as the control board using hot glue to keep it in a normal orientation, then fashioned landing gear for it out of Zip Ties, which works quite well for something this light.

Unfortunately, there was still a bit of a problem. I had a positive and negative lead reversed for one of the motors, but after just a little more soldering it was time to try it out once again. This time if flew successfully! I now have a spinner that can fly like a quadcopter! Or perhaps a quadcopter that can spin like a spinner.

Be sure to check out the video me assembling it (above), especially toward the end where I actually try this flying fidget spinner out. You’ll also want to see the crash reel at the very end, as I hadn’t flown one of these drones in quite some time.


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