New Romaxx CNC Router Setup

After using a Zen Toolworks 7″ x 12″ CNC router for several years, it’s finally time to upgrade to something bigger, a 3′ x 2′ router from Romaxx. The size of this “WD-1” model means that I’ll have roughly 10x the work surface that I had before, and, incidentally costs in the neighborhood of 10x what the little router did.* The device can also handle an “actual” wood router, instead of the smaller spindle I was using before, so I attached a Dewalt 611 to it (Amazon).This is a fairly small router as far as handheld models go, but works well for this application. Plus it has a light on the bottom, which is neat to help view the workpiece when running.

You can see me setting everything up in the video below, importantly attaching the wire from the router motor itself to the hose from the Shop Vac. This should keep things from getting tangled up, necessary if I ever want to take my eyes off of it, even for a second!

The video’s not exactly a “review,” but more of a “how I set this up.” The bearing damage seen there was inconvenient, but after changing it and tightening up a bearing on the opposite side, it seems to be working very well. The good thing about dealing with any problems that arise is that I can actually reach out and talk to the founder of the company, who is featured in the video after the “read more” link. On that note, he pointed out that the cooling feature of my router may be interfering with my vacuum as set up in the video. Perhaps I’ll have to examine that for “rev 1,” but if you feel like copying/modifying my design, you can find the DXF file here.

As for the build, it’s really solid, with a nicely anodized frame, and a gantry that’s controlled directly by lead screws instead of using a belt drive. Getting it to work on my computer was very easy since I had the Mach 3 machine control software installed already; I just swapped out a config file and it started working. This was a pleasant surprise, as things like this rarely work without some fiddling!

To be fair, I have a few concerns about the machine. Hopefully these will either not be a problem, or will be easy to solve once I really delve into them:

  • Bearings seem to tighten up in one section on the Y-axis. This may or may not be an issue.
  • Generally speaking, the bearings seem tight now, so hopefully they’ll stay that way. As shown in the video, I had some initial issues involving a shot bearing, and another that loosened up. Perhaps that’s related to the first one.
  • I Haven’t quite figured out the vacuum switch on the router (both this and the router can turn on/off automatically which is pretty cool). Hopefully this is something simple.

All that being said, those are (hopefully) very minor complaints, and I’ve had a great time running it so far. I’m really excited to have this in my garage, and I’m looking forward to the excellent projects I’ll be able to make with it. Speaking of that, one of those projects sitting on my desk right now, so check back to see what this turns out to be:

*Note that I did get promotional pricing for producing a video on this router. I’ve tried to represent everything here and on the video accurately, but feel free to be skeptical if you like.


  1. Nice setup! I ordered a wd-1 from Ron should be sbipped any day. Please help me with choice a desktop or laptop I am concerned about the heavy sawdust in my shop. I already bought the uc 100 adapter an ideas will be so greatful my first cnc Don

    • Thanks!

      What I did is purchased a very cheap PC and treat it as a disposable item. I currently run an old Lenovo desktop (I do like that brand generally) that I bought remanufactured from Tigerdirect a few years ago for my previous router for under $200, and it’s still running (though seems like I had to send it back under warranty initially). The Intel computestick, or this cheap Lenovo laptop also look interesting, but I haven’t personally tried them.

      Initially, I converted my HTPC for use as a router computer, but that died a few years ago.