A Miniature GoPro Catapult-Style “Tripod”

After building a “catapult style” floor lamp, and publishing a howto article on it here, I soon adapted the design to hold a GoPro camera instead of a light. Instead of a bulb assembly, I put a piece of metal that a magnetic GoPro mount could hold on to, which has worked quite well for filming around my garage.

The disadvantage of this device, which stands as tall as a person when fully extended vertically, is that it doesn’t work well in restricted spaces like a workbench. For this I came up with a much smaller version outlined in the video seen below.

The little guy uses several pieces of furring strips that I had left over from another project. I cut each length to around 9″ to begin with, then made the bottom sections a bit shorter so the top could “peek out” over the support, filming a work surface uninterrupted. As seen in the video, the better way will likely be to weight the back supporting surface and turn it around from what’s seen here, the idea being that if I’m working on a circuit board or whatever, it can look down on it like some sort of light.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with the results, and was able to pull it off with a minimum amount of work with stuff I had in my garage.

Below is another picture of the two tripods together for comparison. Note that I used the same kind of stain/urethane on both, but the cheap furring strips that the little guy used took it much better:

And yes, I know this isn’t actually a tripod. Also, if you’re wondering what has happened to my clear Strandbeest, I’m still working on it, and have gotten it to walk. Hopefully I’ll be able to put out another video on it soon!

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