Wooden Warrior Dart Holder Reproduced Manually

As I put a lot of stuff out here, it’s always interesting to hear when someone has taken one of my designs and put his or her own spin on it. As outlined in the first post on the “wooden warrior,” my build was actually a spin on a knife holder by the creator of ESTLCAM, so when southeastern Michigan resident Ryan Laytart contacted me to say he’d made his own using non-CNC tools, I was naturally quite interested.

His version, actually “versions,” since he made two of these dart holders for a Star Wars marathon party, were made out of 1×6 pine for the warriors, and 1/4 inch plywood (like the original) for the base and shields. Unlike the original, besides using 1×6 pine, they are held together with screws instead of glue. Also the two shields are different, and darts rest in a notch cut inside the upward facing arm.

It took Laytart about 2 1/2 hours to complete these guys (board setup is shown here in time lapse format), which is probably a lot less time than it took me to draw and set everything up on my CNC. If you’ve made some version of a project I’ve done here, I’d love to hear about it. Please get in touch through the comments or via Twitter: @JeremySCook!

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