2017 Goals and 2016 Results





First of all, thanks for reading, and/or following my exploits in whatever form they take. Hopefully you’ll see me around the Internet or wherever even more in 2017, so be sure to say ‘hello!’

If you’ve been following this blog or my work for a while, you may have noticed that I try to do a yearly update post on results and goals. I think it’s healthy to reflect once in a while about where I’ve succeeded and failed, and what I actually want to do writing-wise next year. This year is a little different, as “creating content” is now my full-time job since March, so I certainly have an advantage over 2016 Jeremy. That being said, here is where I stand right now:

2016 Results:

Per the last post like this, my goals were:

  • 4000 Total Followers on Twitter: I’m nowhere near this, at 1982 on my main @JeremySCook handle, and 915 on @DIYTripods (which isn’t really that active). 2897 isn’t bad, though nowhere near that goal. Still, it’s been a useful tool for contacting people and having them reach me, so I suppose that’s fine.
  • Write for 7 Customers, at least 1 of which I haven’t written for before: I wrote for Atmel, Makezine, Wired UK, and Popular Science, which I’ve done work for before. Additionally, I picked up work from Stone Temple Consulting, Open Systems Media, and write for both Arduino, Tindie, Robotic Trends, and Hackster.io’s blogs.
    So 4 continuing customers, and 6 new writing customers. A huge success! Additionally, I did contract work for 360.place, which was great, and two of my articles that I had written previously got published in GQ India! So 12 if you want to count everything. Though some of these customers should continue in 2017, a few seem like they will be less active. A good reminder to keep selling!
  • Double My Writing/Advertising Revenue: This was a great success as well, as I brought in well over triple 2015’s totals. Offsetting this a bit is the fact that I no longer have another job to depend on, so I have to take care of insurance/other benefits.


2017 Goals:

  • Increase Business Revenue by 40%: By design, this doesn’t really give the reader any hard numbers, and is more for me. This seems like a realistic goal for myself (especially considering that I’ll be full-time for the whole year), and, now striking out on my own, should make up for the loss of income (at least excluding benefits) from my former employment at another company.
    That’s the goal, I just need to establish a plan to get there.
  • Finish an Awesome Upcoming Project: I’ve been doing preliminary work on a major project which should be the best one I’ve ever done. Stay tuned :).
  • Write for 1 New Customer: I seem to have enough work to keep me busy, but
  • Expand YouTube Channel: I’ve been focusing on this more and more to keep things consistent. I think my quality has gone up significantly, though could certainly still be better. Right now it stands at 714 subscribers, my goal is to get to 1500. We’ll see! If You want to help out, click this link to subscribe!
  • Non-Internet Media: My goal is to be featured by 3 non-Internet media outlets, be they TV, radio, or print. There were 2 in 2016 (see below), so hopefully I can get that done.

Other 2016 Notables:

  • I’ve finally made this (and my other writing/consulting projects) my full-time job. Hopefully I can expand on a successful 2016.
  • This site, JCoPro.net, got 140,475 pageviews. Not bad, but not nearly as good as 299,382 in 2012. My emphasis has shifted a bit to videos, and blogs that are directly paying me, since I need to actually make money at this.
  • YouTube views are up to 154,885 with a total duration of 169,982 minutes. 2015 was 138,169 views and 142,704 minutes, so a significant improvement. Also 2015 subscribers totaled only 106, while 2016’s total was 244. As seen above, I hope to more than triple this in 2017.
  • I established Jeremy Cook Consulting LLC, and established the Jeremy Cook Consulting website. This will hopefully be a good place for people to contact me for writing and other DIY/engineering projects. (I may actually copy this post there as well, and perhaps start doing these there in the future).
  • I got a new logo, as well as stickers (check out this post if you want one).
  • My StrandMaus was featured in the print version of Make: magazine, which is the first time I’ve had one of my projects actually featured in print. Also, apparently I was in the Orlando Sentinel, but I never saw the paper, unfortunately.

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