How to Disassemble a Hard Drive


If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you’d know that hard drives have lots of excellent components inside of them. Unfortunately, disassembling one isn’t that straightforward, so here’s my “How to Disassemble a Hard Drive” guide.

As seen in the video, the most important tool required to get into one of these devices is a hex driver. If you don’t have one, here’s a review of the Wiha screwdriver set that I use. Additionally, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver, and, in my case a vise, hammer, and chisel. Usually you can get away with just a screwdriver, but the magnet decided it liked being attached to its base.

As for what you can do with these components, the magnets work much better than traditional ‘fridge paper holders, or you can use them to hold a GoPro camera, or even to attach reflective safety material to a backpack. the platter motor looks useful, and the read-head comes with a nice bearing. Of course, the platters themselves are very cool. Lots of people (including myself) use them as clocks. Here’s one that I engraved with my favorite college’s logo!

Of course, this isn’t my first post about HDD disassembly. This article takes a somewhat more destructive path, using a drill and a screw extractor. I’d recommend following the video seen here.



  1. Hard Drive Disassembly is Easy and Rewarding | Hackaday - pingback on February 3, 2016 at 10:00 pm
  2. I know you can bend the metal pieces the magnets are on, but, is there any easy way to get the glue off of the magnets?

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