Salt Shaker Robot Windup Toys

salt shaker robot windup toys

I recently “won” these windup salt shaker robots as a white elephant gift over Christmas.  Although the salt shaker’s main gear seems to be slipping (see my repair attempt in the second video), they are some of the coolest toys utensils that I’ve gotten recently.  Here’s a video I made of them in action:

If you want a set of salt and pepper shaker robots for yourself, they’re available on Amazon for around $15.  Not exactly cheap, but where else can you get quality wind-up robots straight from the UK?  If you’re looking for a gift for an engineer, these would probably make him or her quite happy.  They’re “made from food grade plastic” according to the description, which, being a food implement, is probably a good thing.

As mentioned, the salt ‘bot seemed to not wind up as well as it should, so I took it apart to see if I could fix it.  I improved it a little by pulling the crank out slightly, but really I wasn’t able to get it to work much better.  On the other hand, I reassembled it without major damage to the shaker, which is always an accomplishment.  Check out the video to see what’s going on inside these guys:


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