SC Maker Faire 2014 Results

As alluded to before, I showed off my MountainBeest at the Maker Faire in Columbia, SC.  Here’s a video of the results:

It was fun, and I had a good time at the event.  I tried to conserve battery in the morning, but the legs were functional the whole time.  Along with this, I’m happy that nothing shook loose or jammed “catastrophically.”  My GoPro ran out of juice after a few hours, but that’s not too bad since it was transferring video over WiFi.


The components I used from Servocity performed quite well, including the 6 RPM gearmotors that powered each set of legs, the PWM relay to allow them to be controlled, and the servo pan-tilt device that my GoPro was mounted on.  Thanks to them for their sponsorship, helping me to build this ‘Beest without breaking the bank too badly.

I was happy to meet everyone there, and thanks especially to Jay for setting up the event.  For a little broader look at the cool events there, check out my article on Make’s blog about this, or there’s a huge set of photos available here.


  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout to it2pi in your article! You are a rockstar 🙂

  2. Nice work Jeremy! I didn’t get a chance to break away for the Maker-Faire, but I enjoyed your write up on Makezine (I think?). Anyways, keep the fun stuff coming here and on diytripods!

    • Thanks!

      No problem, I’m sure there will be other events! Glad you enjoyed the writeup; was my first article for them, so I’m happy it turned out well.

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