Columbia, SC Maker Faire

If you are going to be in the Columbia, SC area this Saturday the 14th, I’ll be showing off my “MountainBeest” contraption at the Columbia Mini Maker Faire taking place at the EdVenture Museum.  It’s apparently already set up there, and from the picture, it looks awesome.  Pretty cool to have an “exhibit” featured in a museum.

mountainbeest-at-maker-faire I’m sure it will be even cooler once the legs are moving!  Be sure to say “hi” if you’re able to make it Saturday.


  1. You are da man Jeremy! – SO cool!!!

  2. Jeremy – I was wondering if I could purchase a copy of your tiger paw DXF file? I am working on a project for home and it would save me a ton of time trying to recreate one.


  3. Met you at the Faire with my son Ian. Enjoyed your project. Thinking about your MountainBeest when I watched this TED presentation. Watch and see the foot designs – “The sticky wonder of gecko feet”