“Helping Hand Unboxing and First Use

helping hand unboxinb and first use

After repairing my Hubsan X4 quadcopter several times without any fixturing assistance, I thought it was time to finally take the plunge and buy a helping hand tool for roughly six bucks.  This isn’t exactly a top of the line tool, as I illustrate in my unboxing video after the “read more.”  Considering the price though, it was well worth it.

The quadcopter circuit board that I was working on stayed in place, and I was able to solder and unsolder everything without burning my fingers.  This can be a real problem when you’re trying to hold wire, a circuit board, solder, and an iron with two hands (here’s proof that I’ve repaired my quad many, many times).  I suppose the wire could have been held by one alligator clip hand during resoldering, but after doing this without any “extra hands,” holding the wire didn’t seem too hard.

Be sure to check out the helping hand unboxing and first use videos of it in action after the “read more.”

So that’s the helping hand unboxing video.  Probably not the best tool availalbe, but it still seems pretty great for the price, especially with 2 day shipping if you have Amazon Prime.  Next up is the Hubsan X4 desoldering video.

Maybe a big part of the reason why I really don’t enjoy soldering is that I never had the proper tools.  It seems this one will do the trick, but I probably should have gotten it sooner.  This would have probably helped with my wireless MAME (arcade) controller that I attempted to make several years ago.


  1. Yea! I’m glad you took the plunge – next thing you know, you might actually start to like soldering 😛