Weaponized PVC Pipe Fail

tripple walled pvc pipe about to fail

No we’re not talking about a double barreled or bolt action potato gun.  They were both cool projects, but I’d consider them successes.

Here’s my experiment on making a tripple-walled piece of PVC pipe that you can, um, smash stuff with.  I put kerf cuts in it as seen here to make it look cool, and so that it doesn’t hurt your wrist if you’re doing a lot of smashing.  At least that was the idea, check out the video to see how it fares against the fearsome ginger ale can!

Looks like ginger ale won that round!  Note that the entire pipe isn’t tripple-wallled, just the last 6 inches or so.  The idea was to concentrate weight on either side.

In retrospect, maybe the kerf cuts weren’t a great idea (They worked great for a misalignment coupler though).  If one really wants to smash something, there are many things that would be better suited to it than this.  So if you want to overthrow the Bastille or whatever, you might want to think of something more effective.

Here’s a post on the technique I used to make this tripple-walled PVC.  I had to cut a little wider on the 1/2 inch section so that it could flex more to fit in the already flexed 3/4 inch PVC.

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