Why a Hubsan X4 Should be Your First Quadcopter


Sure, all these parts were somewhat expensive.  Imagine the expense for a full sized quad!

If you’ve ever thought about buying a quadcopter, you might consider a small inexpensive one, like the $50 Hubsan X4.  Besides being incredibly fun, they are incredibly tough, and fairly easy to repair.  The parts you see above are the result of probably 1000+ crashes.  For a larger quad like a DJI Phantom, this many crashes would probably mean a second mortgage.

Along with the little Hubsan X4 quad, you might also consider buying the excellent Crash Pack from Amazon.  It takes a while to come in from the Far East, and maybe by the time you’ve smashed your first quad body and blades to pieces, it’ll be there for you.


Why I don’t see myself becoming a real helicopter pilot any time soon…

On the other hand, they can be repaired using zip ties and glue (see this post).  I included a video I took flying around with the body seen in the lower right on the above photo.  They don’t fly as well after that kind of abuse, but they do fly.

Check out the gallery of damage to my quadcopter taken with a macro lens adapter as well as a video of probably the most beat up Hubsan you’ve ever seen flying after the “read more.”

So these can be flown kludged together.  Full disclosure on the video, I used some “TV magic” to allow the quad to be landed properly afterwards.  I’m not an excellent pilot.

This isn’t nearly the worst my little Hubsan has been, but I decided to take some photos of it before changing the body out.  Not a small task, since the motors have to be soldered back on!

And if you’re wondering, yes, you will crash!

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