Michelin Country Rock Tires versus Generic Knobbies


Today I’m going to compare the Michelin Country Rock bike tires (Amazon) to some generic knobbies that I had on my single speed bike.  The results on asphalt are quite impressive, and the video below should illustrate why those who use their bikes for mostly city riding should really consider getting a pair:

After analyzing the video, it’s quite impressive to see how much faster these tires are.  They don’t look too skinny on my bike either.  If you’re wondering what you’ll get when you order a pair from Amazon, check out the unboxing video after the “read more” link thing.

So they are indeed tires.  I’m not sure what anyone else expected, but most of the pictures I saw online didn’t do a good job (IMO) illustrating how they look, especially around the edges.

I’ll keep testing these tires out over the next few weeks, but so far I’ve been extremely impressed with them.  If you’re doing most of your riding on asphalt with a little offroad mixed in, these tires look like a winner.

For some more upgrades that I’ve recently done to my single speed bike, check out this post.

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