The Mountainbeest – Now with Four Legs!


A few days ago Jay emailed me about “doing something really crazy” for the Columbia Maker Faire this year.  After realizing that it was taking place in Columbia, South Carolina, a narco-submarine was immediately ruled out,* but I did refer him to a couple of the cooler projects that I’ve done in the last year.

One project was shooting a GoPro camera out of a slingshot, but Jay seemed much more interested in my “MountainBeest” device.  After a few emails back and forth, I realized that I’d never published video of it functioning as a “completed” ‘Beest (Is anything like this ever really complete?).  The closest video is in this post about it using two legs.  Here’s a video of my ‘Beest with all the legs attached, functioning, somewhat as it was intended.

I say “somewhat as it was intended,” but I was ultimately hoping that I could get the “MountainBeest” to walk under motor power.  I suspect it won’t walk without at least six legs, but I’ve been busy working on a way to hook the windshield wiper motors up left over from this partially working “giant hexapod.”   This will likely use control components from ServoCity that were also intended to be used on it.

big enough hint for you?I’ll hopefully write more on the working(?) MountainBeest later, but to give a “little” hint, some of the power transmission parts that I intend to use come from this single speed bike project.  Interestingly, that’s been one of my most satisfying projects, both in the fact that I think the bike looks very good stripped of extra parts, and that I enjoy riding it.  Considering most of my projects end up in storage, this makes me very happy.

*It looks like the pay is good for building one of these, but on the negative side, if you screw up, I think the penalty is usually death.

After watching an arc-flash safety video at work yesterday, apparently the penalty can be much more serious in a legitimate job, so seriously stay safe and always consider your environment.


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