Repair Parts Reviewed for the Hubsan X4 H107L


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using my Hubsan X4 quadcopter, but after crashing it hundreds of times, I’ve had to make a few repairs.  Fortunately, the X4 H107L that I fly is only about $50, so parts aren’t that expensive.  If cost is proportional to the original purchase price, I can only imagine what I would have spent to keep a $1000+ quad running by now.

I’ve bought quite a few repair parts for my quad, so here they are in a review format with links to Amazon.

Four sets of blades - almost worth the price by themselves

Four sets of blades – almost worth the price of the crash pack by themselves

Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter Crash Pack – If you purchase a new Hubsan X4, I would definitely recommend getting a repair pack to go along with it.  The package includes 4 sets of new blades, which is almost worth the price by itself.  Additionally, it gives you a new body, which will probably be needed eventually, 2 new lights, 2 new motors, and a new set of landing bumpers.  A new OEM battery is also included, which can be used immediately.

I’ve used nearly all of this stuff in separate purchases, so at $24.99 this would have saved me some money if I’d bought it originally.  Highly recommended.

Upgraded battery fits, but sticks out

Upgraded battery fits, but sticks out

“Upgraded” battery 5-pack – These batteries are an upgrade in that they carry more charge and thus allow more flight time.  Unfortunately, along with this they are bigger, and actually will stick out the back of your quad.  The extra weight seems to affect the handling somewhat too.  

I’m more or less pleased with my purchase, but these batteries aren’t without their drawbacks.  Probably a good buy if you want to go somewhere to fly so you can make it worth the trip.

Hubsan X4 H107 Quadcopter Blades I’ve linked to what I ordered (at $5.99/set, you can see why the “crash pack” is a good deal), but what I received was an “upgraded” set that was orange and white and tougher than the original.  While this might seem like a good thing, they are much heavier, so this will affect the handling, and kill your battery life.

Additionally, they can be very hard to get off of your motors.  If you receive the “upgraded” blades, I’d return them back to Amazon.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Standard vs Upgraded Hubsan X4 H107L battery size

Spare standard batterySeemed to work OK, but one of my batteries stopped holding charge eventually and I threw it out.  I’m not sure if it was this one or not, but it got pretty good reviews on Amazon.  At $4.99, it’s not a bad buy, but again, I would refer back to the “crash pack” being a good deal.

Quadcopter Body Shell Just like it says, a new body for your Hubsan X4.  Just make sure you buy the correct one.  The “X4” body apparently doesn’t have space for the LED lights that the “X4 H107L” use.

“Parts Quadcopter” I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “spare part,” but after wrecking my first quad and seeing how long it takes to get some parts in from China, I decided to buy another.  This worked well, and in addition to spare parts, gave me an additional transmitter unit, battery, and battery charger.

This may seem a bit wasteful, but if you want to be flying again in a few days, this can be a good option.  If I had it to do over again, I would probably have ordered the Crash Pack immediately, since crashes/breakage was bound to occur.

Soldering iron – Some of the repairs, like replacing a motor, require a soldering iron.  I use this one from Sparkfun, but a search on Amazon reveals these other options.  Also, a “Helping Hand” might be useful as well, but I don’t yet have one.

So happy flying!  When something finally breaks, hopefully this list will help you get flying again.  I remember in high school, my basketball coach would say that if you’re not losing control of the ball during certain drills,* you’re not trying hard enough and improving.  I’d say the same goes for quadcopters – if you’re not pushing the envelope, you’re not really expanding your skills!

Check out the video below of me repairing my X4 H107L. The video didn’t turn out great, but hopefully it’ll give you some idea of what you’ll need to do to get your ‘copter running again.

*Being the clumsiest person on the team, this happened to me lot!  Fortunately, I was also the tallest, so that makes up for a lot in that sport.


  1. I was led to this page from a question on Reddit. I’ve been looking at quads for a couple weeks now and was looking at the Hubsan line. Thank you very much for this post. It was one of the most helpful things I’ve read.