Where Else I’ve Been Writing

fiber-optic-mushroom-animated-smallGenerally this blog has been about projects that I do in my spare time.  You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been writing a bit less here these days.  Trying to do 3 posts a week on original stuff that I’ve made is pretty difficult, so that’s one reason.  Another reason, that this audience might be interested in, is that I’ve been writing for several other publications.

DIYTripods.comAs I’ve been doing more and more stuff with my DSLR camera and GoPro, I decided to dedicate a site just to that.  Unlike JCoPro.net, I feature stuff from others quite a bit, as well as my own work.  Let me know if you’d like something featured there.

Popular Science – I was quite happy to have an article published in the March 2014 issue of PopSci.  Hopefully there will be more, but you can find my first article on light graffiti here.

Wired UK – I’ve written for Wired UK for a while now, and you can find some of my articles here.  They’ve been really cool to write for, and I was really excited to see my first article published in the summer of 2012!

mountainbeest-test-stand-1Hackaday.com – The first site that I was actually paid to write for.  Definitely glad to be a former [HAD] writer, and I still get to do articles for them once in a while.

EETimes – Hackaday’s former editor Caleb Kraft now works at EETimes, and was cool enough to think of me when he needed a writer.  It’s a fun format as all the articles engineering or technology related, but other than that the subject matter is pretty open.  Check out my articles here.

Youtube – Not really writing, but I’ve been doing quite a few videos for my general DIY channel, which can be found here, and the much newer DIYTripods Youtube channel.  My videos have improved immensely over the years, but I definitely have much more to learn.  Check out the videos after the “read more” to see the contrast.

Here’s an early video shot with my Env2″ feature phone.” Pretty terrible resolution.  Not that I didn’t have better equipment at the time, but that’s what was handy.

This one came out much better Here’s my post about it on DIYTripods.  I’ve been using Cyberlink PowerDirector and a new computer, so that definitely helps with processing everything.  Producing things well (or at least attempting to) takes a lot of time, but the end result can be a lot better.

Besides writing and Youtube videos, I do have an full-time job as an engineer, and recently became a father.  These are both excellent things, but they certainly take up quite a bit of time.  Either way, I’m glad that I’m still able to make random stuff and write about it!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully 2014 will be another good year!  Be sure to follow me on Twitter @JeremySCook, where I post a lot of stuff that’s not necessarily published on JCoPro.net.


  1. Jeremy you always write such interesting stuff and are very talented it at, I’m so glad that you’re getting such a showcase for your talents. Keep up the great work!

  2. I knew you were seeing someone else! 😮

  3. Amazing! I had no idea you were involved in so many different areas. Like Susan said, you do write interesting content and even though I don’t comment often, I enjoy seeing what fun projects you have going on. Congrats to bring a father by the way!

    • I definitely appreciate you browsing the site, and thanks for checking in! Definitely keeping busy between writing and everything else.

      Thanks for the congrats, being a dad is really cool, but it’s definitely an adjustment!