Lenovo Yoga 13 Custom Space Saving Stand Video

After using it for a few months, I finally got around to making a video showing off the custom stand that I made.  I’ve been really happy with the desk space savings, and it’s fairly quick to place and remove the computer on it.  Here’s the original post that gives more specific info on the build if you want to try it yourself.

7 port usb hub with Lenovo Yoga 13 stand

The hub looks nice, there. I could probably do a better job of wire management…

I recently added a 7-Port Powered USB Hub (Amazon), which is a huge improvement over my 10 year old 4 port hub.  It seems to be much faster, and recognizes my devices faster as well.  Granted, the old hub was USB 1.1, and I’d lost the power cable for it.  There wasn’t much competition, but I was quite pleased with the new one regardless.  Also, it has 2 “fast charging” ports, which I’ve found quite useful for charging my cell phone.

yoga-13-flipped-standIf I was starting over with this stand, I might make the stand a little taller.  I’m fairly tall, so both monitors should probably sit higher on my desk, and the Lenovo Yoga 13 lines up more closely with the bottom of the larger monitor.  This “catalog solution” worked well at work, maybe I could use some of my old textbooks that I no longer use at home.



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