More Stop Motion Animation – Crush Stuff!

Here’s another experiment with stop motion animation:

Jason Underwood of Broken Bulb Comedy did most of the acting for this project, although I stepped in for one scene.  The process is explained pretty well in this post (plus there’s some other videos there), but Stop motion animation setupI did some things a little differently this time.  Everything was shot with a Casio Exilim EX-S500 camera.  It’s pretty old, but the video was shot in 1600 x 1200, so the lowly 5.1 MP rating for this camera didn’t really matter.  I even had to downgrade this with GIMP to 800 x 600 so that Windows Movie Maker could handle it.  Maybe it’s time to invest in some better software, but it’s OK quality for Youtube.

crushing some post-it notesThe other thing that I discovered is that when using GIMP you can drag more than one file from your desktop into it at a time.  GIMP will set all the pictures as separate layers.  When saved as an animated GIF, it will automatically order things based on the file number.  For some reason with the files saved straight out of my camera, it reversed the order.  There were letters before the numbers, so that may have been screwing GIMP up.  I renamed everything to simple numerical labels and it worked fine.  I’m not sure how to reverse the layers in GIMP automatically if you need to.  If anyone knows, please say something in the comments.

Additionally, here’s an article about how I made the bench pictured in the video.  For more stop-motion madness, check out my second video with Lego men, a hot-dog and lots of mustard!

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