More Cheap Component Finds

dollar-store-components USB LED, earbuds, batteryI’m generally on the lookout stuff to break, modify, or otherwise use in my projects.  I recently obtained a few hackable items that I thought were pretty cool for not much money ($3.00 + tax).  As usual, many of them are from the dollar store like the components on the right.  The USB LED light I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but it looked cool.  The earbuds could be used with my insulated headphones since I ripped out the original mono plug in my latest hornet altercation, and the CR2032 3 volt batteries could be used for more throwies (here’s my “ultimate throwie” design).

I was also given some other interesting components by a relative who knows that I like to build stuff around the house.  These included a clock with a temperature and humidity gague, a package of solar LED “path lights,” (similar to these lights from Amazon) and some assorted cables.  These lights are generally used to light a driveway or other path around the house, but I immediately though of using them for “solar throwies” or something similar.  I’ll do a post on the results of my experiments a bit later.  For now, there are some pictures of my latest haul after the “read more” thing.

Most of this stuff would be fairly useless to most people or a cheap version of whatever they actually wanted.  When you like to modify stuff in the garage though, I guess you eventually develop an eye for it.  Of course, I’m nowhere near this guy’s scavenging talent as he made a Terminator head replica from “dollar store” parts.  Of course he does have one advantage that he’s apparently in England and shops at the “pound shop.”  In the US, I suppose it could be called a “$1.56 shop.”

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