PVC Man Conscripted to Work at Milling Machine

pvc-el-man-mill-light3Sure, there have been a lot of write-ups here on how to set up a little Zen Toolworks CNC router, but for heavier work, it’s great to have a little milling machine in the shop.  As readers may recall, Jeremy constructed a PVC man using 1/2 inch PVC pipe and EL wire a few months ago.  It may have been designed to be a prop, and used for such useless amusements as stop-motion videos, but I decided to put it to work instead.

PVC man never complains, because his mouth is made out of EL wire, but simply works whether day or night as shown in the pictures after the “read more.”  Some might call this treatment “sweat shop” conditions.  Fortunately, there is no water inside of PVC man, so “sweaty pipes” are not an issue.

If you’d like to build your own PVC man, check out these instructions.  I’ve been thinking of building an army of them, but the soft gloves with no fingers in them that it uses for hands may be an issue when wielding a weapon.  Perhaps the tubing that is used for arms can be sharpened into a pointy hand-spear.

I took these photos with my Canon DSLR (Amazon) so I could control the light levels.  As you can see, I’m still learning.  Jeremy’s been doing and featuring all kinds of camera experiments at his other site, DIYTripods.com.  Be sure to check that out for more hackish camera projects, or better yet submit your own stuff to be featured!

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